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The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. The Greek used to refer to this word as the power to influence emotions , morals and behaviours. Phutro Fashion strongly believes in the concept of Culture and Ethos .                             

The reasons to believe in Ethos and Culture is to help our planet through:

– Saying NO to plastic. 

Plastic has become an integral part and natural choice of everyone’s life due to its multipurpose usage. It’s convenience comes through significant drawbacks, and one of its major drawbacks is pollution. So we should minimize our consumption of plastics.


– Donating our old clothes and jute bag. 

Donating your old clothes and bags can make a huge difference as it helps needy people out there and it will lead to more recycling of clothes which lead to less manufacturing in factories.

– Be VocalForLocal.

As we know that our honorable PM Narendra Modi speaks about VocalForLocal , So the team of Phutro Fashion is encouraging the culture and artisans and all of the people also should indulge in the process which encourages VocalForLocal.We have adopted a new philosophy of “Start Something New” to give retail a new dimension and innovation is our key driver to attain excellence in customer service.