About Us

The word “Phutro” rises from the native Marwadi language and it means, “Beautiful.” Phutro Fashion is a representation of this rustic beauty. Our organization is the only leading co-operative which works for the resurgence of traditional fashion in modern style. At Phutro, we provide new life to the timeless arts of block printing in patterns like indigo, ajrakh and shahibegar.

Our primary concern is to strive towards a better world. Therefore, we work with environmental friendly organic fabric. The manufacturing process of our entire range requires natural colors extracted from a vast variety of flora and vegetables. This benign thought gives our customers a happy soul while carrying our clothes.

Phutro is also perpetually resilient for contributing towards the society. Our factory team consists people from our vicinity. In the last decade, we have trained and employed over hundreds of women and men who are now a permanent part of our big family. It gives us immense joy to know that we are able to help people while bringing smiles on everyone’s face.