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How to make your workday stylish with your fashion style

Carry your own style wherever you go. If you like to carry yourself the way you like, then don’t let your work be the hurdle for your style and the fashion statements. Phutro introduces the workwear collection that has the right outfits for your workday.

Pick from the wide range of the dress types, be it western wear, ethnic, or Indian wear; we have a timeless section that sets your mood for the day. Unlimited ideas for your workday, from trendy to chic to professional collections that are just the perfect as per your taste and style.

Read on more to know more about the accessories and how you can complement your workday look. Enjoy the work with your fashion goals and keep it fun.

The first thought that comes to mind for work wear is boring. Is it so? Time has changed and things too. Working women are now dynamic and sharp and when it comes to their fashion choices, they are trendier and classier even than before they were earlier. The Phutrowork wear collection is here that helps to redefine the identity of the working women. Feel confident in the outfit that you carry and let your clothes speak the confidence that you carry.

Get embraced in new avatars

With a lot of choices from Indian to western, a wone can choose anyone. Variation in the styles, and colours makes the collection wider and unique. From cuts, patterns, sleeves, buttons, hip belts and tapered dresses, there is a non-ending fashion list that the work wear collection has.

Choose the clothes that fit your personality, try for the long kurtas or the blouses with motifs, or even try the Indo western wear to revamp your look. Geometrics and the boho dresses are always in for the office to wear collections. Fill your workplace and wardrobe with your inner zest and boost up your confidence.

When you look comfortable and confident, you look more successful and this is why we have a range of work wear that makes you look more confident. Attractive patterns and the neutral colour s that do not look too bright and sparky. Soothing to bright colours that will make your day.

With Elegant Kurtis and the plazas, do not restrict yourself just with a single style. Invent and find out the different ways to style your single dress.

Compliment your outfit with the right makeup and accessories

To girls, less is more, and at the workplace, this is must to follow the rule. Go for a foundation and concealer and a nude eye shadow. A thick liner with bold eyes and mascara is enough to get the attention of your eyes.

A neutral or beige shade on lips with dark eyeliner will work well or do the reverse, a thin liner and bold lipstick. Loose or braid up your hair, half clutch or a ponytail, choose the style as per

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